Unfortunately, efficiency has never been what practicing law was all about. Researching, pondering, and brainstorming in a collegial environment was more the idea. This is no longer a viable model in this new world of practice management. At Transcendent, our attorneys are rewarded for their efficiency and the client’s satisfaction, not according to a high billable hour quota. All of this results in The Transcendent Difference® — a higher level of excellence at much lower cost—a cost that has been budgeted with the customer during the pre-matter planning session. Our legal project management model allows us to break down each matter into steps that are prioritized, assigned, calendared, and monitored to avoid work reproduction or oversights, and create accountability. The efficiency created by tracking the process drives our costs down, and in turn produces quality work and cost savings for the client. Even more importantly, Transcendent involves the client in the process landmarks, creating more transparency and a strengthened client relationship.