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From the Start-up phase to fundraising to the Initial Public Offering, we have a team dedicated to the needs of your young business and dedicated to making sure that you have the legal framework to make your business a success  We offer fee arrangements that are sensitive to the needs of a growing enterprise. In some cases, we start with pro bono services and ease your company into a mutually beneficial fee arrangement that works for all parties involved.  We specialize in all facets of start-up assistance including but not limited:

  • Assisting with choosing and setting up the most viable corporate structure
  • Providing guidance in all facets of starting and maintaining a company
  • Assisting with document that focus on fundraising
  • Assisting with securing Intellectual property protection including but not limited to protecting trademark, patent and copyright rights
  • Drafting confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and strategizing about who in the process should sign them
  • Assisting with employment documents including employment agreements, employee handbooks and personnel documents
  • Drafting various legal checklist to make sure you are complying with all necessary laws