Aaron Delong
Of-Counsel Attorney

Aaron M. DeLong is a lawyer and financial analyst who has worked with banks, government agencies, and small businesses on the financing of public projects for more than a decade.  He is Co-Founder and President of LendStand, Inc., an online finance company aimed at extending opportunities to small businesses to participate in public projects. Aaron works to provide working capital solutions to growing companies throughout the U.S. by offering convenient finance products to help contractors bridge the funding gap between project initiation and government payment.

Prior to starting the company, Aaron was Deputy City Attorney for the City of New Orleans. He fought for criminal justice reform and worked to make jails safe and constitutional. He pursued smart, comprehensive policies to address both the immediate impacts and the root causes of criminal activity in New Orleans. He aimed to put more officers on our streets and also find ways to divert young people from a pathway to prison.

Before moving to New Orleans, Aaron worked as a diplomat for the U.S. State Department and served at Embassy Cairo during the Arab Spring.  He worked to rebuild the Egyptian economy and strengthen diplomatic ties between the countries in the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution.

As a lawyer with Linklaters, LLP in New York, Aaron advised U.S. companies on doing business abroad and helped non-U.S. companies operate in the U.S.

Aaron currently serves on the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC), representing Louisiana Congressional District 1. Aaron earned his B.A. from Duke University and his J.D. from NYU School of Law.


  • Advisor to sponsor on formation of $42 million private equity fund investing in early-stage Egyptian companieS
  • Advisor to European automaker on successful $250 million acquisition of Chinese auto parts company
  • Advisor to consortium of U.S. poultry producers on successful $10 million sale to Egyptian buyers
  • Advisor to target South African mining company, successfully defended company from hostile takeover bid by home-country rival
  • Advisor to technology exporter on successful $5 million sale of dual-use radio equipment to Middle East buyers
  • Advisor to gas meter manufacturer on successful $10 million sale to Middle East buyers
  • Advisor to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) on successful $250 million loan guaranty program with four Egyptian commercial banks
  • Advisor to senior secured creditor throughout debtor’s bankruptcy and eventual merger with creditor
  • Advisor to Cayman Islands investment company and its eventual settlement with investors following dispute regarding the valuation of complex equity derivative product
  • Advisor to satellite communications company on acquisition of strategic transmission bandwidth assets through bankruptcy process
  • Advisor to U.S. fiber optic cable accessory and installation company, developed global marketing strategy, including marketing plan and priority target identification, with goal of increasing non-U.S. sales by 50%
  • Advisor to U.S. utility-scale solar power generation company on growth strategy in Middle East and North Africa
  • Advisor to U.S. investor group whose funds were held by Egyptian authorities post-resolution; successfully negotiated for release of investor funds back to U.S.
  • Advisor to numerous U.S. and non-U.S. companies subject to the FCPA, created anti-corruption policy and employee training materials
  • Advisor to global defense company on agency relationship and structure
  • Advisor to global banking company on settlement negotiations with U.S. prosecutors regarding alleged transactions with Iran
  • Advisor to global defense company on settlement negotiations with U.S. prosecutors regarding alleged bribery and sanctions violations
  • Advisor to luxury brand on distribution channels that avoid unwanted antitrust issues.