At Transcendent, we understand that an accurate projection of legal expenditures can directly impact the success or failure of a legal department. We consider ourselves to be part of your business team, as well as your attorneys. What matters to you — your budget and your business case — is what matters to us.  Because Transcendent believes that excellent legal services and fair, consistent pricing models are not mutually exclusive, we will never assume that you, the client, would like to be billed by the hour.  We, frankly, discourage it.

Our model is to collaborate on the front end of every project, to determine the most beneficial fee arrangement.  In that discussion, we analyze the type of services needed, the length of those services, the matter’s complexity, and, most importantly, your budgetary concerns. After the initial staging/evaluation process and a review of that data, we let you tell us the type of fee arrangement with which your organization will be most comfortable.

It is Transcendent’s belief that legal services, by their very nature, become costly and ineffective under the billable hour model.  Accordingly, we encourage fee arrangements such as per-project pricing, fixed/flat-fee pricing and pricing per stage that give clients consistency and accuracy in the billing process. However, because we know that cost effectiveness depends on the goals and needs of the company, Transcendent does not foreclose the idea of entering into other types of arrangements.  Those arrangements can be, but are not limited to the following:


    • Capped-fee arrangements
    • Blended-rate arrangements
    • Contingency fee arrangements
    • Partial contingency fee arrangements
    • Hybrid fee arrangements
    • The billable hour

We do not hide from the challenges that can, at times, make alternative pricing models complicated. We embrace them.