The Transcendent model delivers excellence in all aspects of operations by providing transparency in fees, value, efficiency, and knowledge management practices. Our  unique  structure  enables  attorneys  to  focus  on practicing  law,  while  seasoned  business  leaders  manage  the  infrastructure  and delivery  of  legal  services.  Connecting  the  two,  Transcendent’s  IT  platform provides  some  of  the  industry’s  most  advanced  technologies  and  IT methodologies, enabling our lawyers to work more closely with clients and with each other, while simultaneously streamlining the management of the business.  In  doing  so,  Transcendent  merges  the  best  legal  minds  with  the best  business practices in legal efficiencies and legal project management. Clients receive the highest quality results from trained, diverse senior-level attorneys who have significant years of mid to large-size law firm or general counsel experience for about half the cost of an AmLaw 200 firm. Our lawyers experience a revolutionary working environment where professional rigor and collaboration coexist with individual autonomy and work-life balance. The end result? A multidisciplinary practice, including full management and legal responsibility, delivered with unprecedented efficiency.